Oven Cleaning

Do you want to avoid one of the most taunting and complex cleaning tasks that exist at your home? Well, just give Monster Cleaning a call, sign up for our premier quality oven cleaning service in Battersea and leave everything else to the pros. Over the years we have managed to complete thousands of projects related to sanitation of kitchen appliances, not only in homes but also at business establishments such as restaurants, hotels, hostels, and even hospital canteens, and we are more than certain that the oven sanitation solution we offer you here is one that is up to the highest industry standards.

Dirty oven equals health problems

Oven cleaning is very important regardless of the fact that it’s on the bottom of your to-do list if it even made the list at all. Cooking in an oven that hasn’t been cleaned in a while can be dangerous – there are all sorts of things like built-up, leftover food and grease, as well as germs that stick to your food. Consuming bacteria like the ones in ovens can cause food poisoning – they stick to the inside of a dirty oven because it’s the perfect environment for them. It’s your job to maintain your oven clean and free of any germs. If you decide to get in touch with us it automatically becomes our job and there will be one less thing to worry about.

Another downfall of a dirty oven is the shortened lifespan it has. For example, it’s quite hard for an oven to heat up to the temperature you have set it on when it’s dirty so it will use a lot more power to do so. Not only does this equal short lifespan but higher electricity bills.

Knowledgeable and energetic sanitation specialists

Our trained, capable and of course, fully licensed staff, consists of Battersea based cleaners know the best techniques to clean ovens, extractors, and stovetops. They make use of state of the art equipment, as well as powerful products to degrease the appliances they have been entrusted with cleaning inside and out. They will remove all food residues, stains and soiling from your ovens and make them look like new. All of this – on rather competitive prices that are not going to strain your budget. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the great rates that we have the pleasure to be operating on:

  • Single Oven: Refresh your kitchen with a clean oven for £59
  • Double Oven: Comprehensive cleaning for £84
  • Additional options like Microwaves, Hobs, and Extractors starting from £15

We go one step further – and slash down prices even more

Take note that on top of the great prices that we operate on, we offer some pretty nice deals and package discounts for all of our clients to make use of. Any end of tenancy cleaning service for over £100 comes with a free oven cleaning. A single oven and hob extractor sanitation will cost you now just £75. And so on and so forth. We are always looking for new ways to make your life better, more comfortable and cheaper. And we are more than certain that we are succeeding.

Stress-free commercial oven cleaning from Monster Cleaning

Our oven cleaning Battersea covering service is available not only to residents of the area but to businesses as well. You want the highest levels of hygiene at your restaurant’s kitchen, right? Well, we can help you with that by making sure that the place where you actually prepare the food is spotless. Naturally, we will do that at a time that will cause no disturbances to your business process, so you really have no reason to worry.

Call us now for booking, or request your free quote through our easy to use the online contact form.

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